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Phillip McHugh is a Composer and Music Producer from West London, UK. McHugh studied A-Level Music and Music Technology at Bishopshalt School of Performing Arts and also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Technology from the London College of Music (LCM).


Whilst studying at LCM, McHugh entered a songwriting competition 'Who Are The Kicks presented by XFM' (now Radio X). After winning the competition with song 'Uh-Oh' (2012), the song was added to Global Radio's Radio X playlist as an A-list track for the week of it's release. On the back of this release McHugh formed band 'KICK' acting as the principle songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. The band enjoyed success from single 'Sky and Sea' (2014) which was both written and produced by McHugh. After this release the band signed to YUCK records and released 'São Paulo / Leave Tonight EP' (2015) and 'Scars' (2015) published by Cargo Records.

After KICK disbanded, McHugh began to embrace a wider range of instrumentation in his composing and began writing in a unique style with music group 'Wax Café' which can be heard on the single 'Digging Holes' (2019/2020). Songwriting in Wax Café opened a new side of composing to McHugh in which he discovered how use of non-conventional instrumentation's can drastically change the atmosphere of a piece to help provide different settings for stories to be more effectively told within the lyrics and melody.


With this newly enhanced passion for composing, McHugh began a new venture in film music and has since composed on several films ranging across multiple genres.

In January 2021 McHugh released his debut single as a composer 'The Motion of Us' across various streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Youtube, etc. Then in August 2021, McHugh released his second single ‘Dream World (Lost Girl)’.

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